Pandemonium contains all kinds of hardcore styles. The audience celebrating life at this indoor event. Since 2017 I’m doing the Event Control for Energetic Dance Company BV.

Dockyard x Mystic Garden Festival – ADE

Mystic Garden Festival meets Dockyard. Two contrasting concepts, one terrain, one entrance! This 2-in-1 festival will be a collision of Mystic Garden’s fairyland and Dockyard’s Industrial world. For Dockland Events BV I’m doing the entrance coordination at this surprising festival.

Heerlijk Hemelrijk

Everyone is welcome at Heerlijk Hemelrijk Festival. This festival has a lot to offer for all ages. Music, playground, fashion, workshops and much more.

The finish of the Dutch Festival Season is Festyland. My connection at the organization started at the AJOC Festival. Since 2012 I’m responsible for the artist handling coordination at FestyLand. I’m the supervisor of the stagemanagers, runners, artist check-in ladies and hospitality riders.


The BUMA NL AWARDS is a conference and award festival for Dutch music. Marc Hofstede hires me since 2017 for the artist handling.

Since 2017 I’m doing the backoffice for Production World BV at popfestival Breda Barst. One of the highlights – with a smile on my face – was the acoustic performance of Jeangu Macrooy at a boat in the canal around the festival area.


The biggest project in 2019 was the European Championships dressage, para-dressage and jumping in Rotterdam. For Production World BV I was part of the facility team. I managed the planning, logistics and a small part of the backoffice.

Open Dag De Kuip - Feijenoord

An big event for all the supporters of Feijenoord. A playground, merchandise, music and a helicopter with the new players of the team. At this event I’m running the backoffice for Production World BV.

For Matrixx Events BV I’m the Night Crew Office Lady at Dreamfields Festival. I love to give the crew a smile with the candy box.

Dreampop Festival

Since 2016 at Concert at Sea is my smile for the artists. With the artist handling ladies we take care of them from the moment they arrive until the moment they left the festival area.

Artist handling at Concert at Sea is making the artist feel at home with a nice dressingroom and a beautiful sunset.

Bright Day

Bright Day is the tech festival in the Netherlands and offers a wide range of tech and innovations.

Big Green Egg's Flavour Fair

Everyone loves a delicious bbq and knows the Big Green Egg. At this flavour fair the chefs shows the most amazing techniques with a Big Green Egg. In 2018 I was one of the Production Office ladies for a smooth organization behind the scenes.

'Beste Klusser van Nederland' - Hornbach

Who says Hornbach, says YippiejajaYippieYippieYeah! In 2018 Fjuze  hired me for the production of ‘De Beste Klusser van Nederland’ from Hornbach. It was a contest for the best home handyman.

Borsato De Kuip

Marco Borsato is one of the biggest pop artist in the Netherlands. In 2019 he did five sold out stadium concerts in Rotterdam. During the nights I was the assistant of the technical producer for Production World BV.

Emporium is a dance music festival. At this festival different house and dance styles are played across different locations (area’s). Each edition is dedicated to a theme. Since 2017 I do the Night Crew Office for Matrix Events.

Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen

Every year, we celebrate that the Netherlands was liberated from German occupation in 1945. Liberation festivals are everywhere to celebrate freedom.

For EV’Hands I’m a cashier manager at Liberation Festival Wageningen. During the event I supervise the cashiers.

Snollebollekes Live in Concert

Snollebollekes is one of the biggest acts in the Netherlands. With his cheerful and energetic songs it’s one big party.

The Matrixx Events asked me to do the Night Crew Office in the Gelredome Arnhem.

Nationale Vuurwerk Rotterdam

The largest, most impressive and spectacular New Year’s fireworks show in the Netherlands near the famous and majestic Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

New year’s Eve 2018 I was part of the event control for Triple F Security.

Nationale Sinterklaasintocht Zaanstad

Sinterklaas is probably one of the favorite holiday for Dutch children. A legendary figure – Saint Nicholas – visits children and bring them gifts.

Vinke Vision BV invited me for the main entrance of Sinterklaas in Zaanstad in 2018. I supported the production team in the pre-production and during the event. I still remember all the happy faces of the children in Zaanstad.

Challenge Almere - Amsterdam

Challenge Almere – Amsterdam is a triathlon. Thriathlon is a demanding sport that tests an athlete’s skill and speed at swimming, cycling and running.

Triple F Security asked me to participate at the event control of this event.

Can you imagine what kind of experience this Challenge is for the participants?


New Horizons Festival

In 2018 I travelled to Germany to be the Night Production Office Lady at New Horizons Festival. It was a pleasure to work for 2 Heart Volcano at one of the leading EDM festivals in Germany. Handling the radio’s, catering, wristbands, crew shirts, crew lists and many more is the job of a office lady and with this team you know everyone will enjoy the happiness in the office.

LatinVillage Festival

JustinCase Artist & Event Support arrange the artist handling at LatinVillage Festival.

LatinVillage is an electrinic, rap and dance music festival.

In 2018 JustinCase Artist & Event Support invited me to do the stagemanagement at the Deephouse stage.


In 2017 & 2018 I  was part of Production World’s management team deployed by Neptunus Structures.

This project blew my mind. This experience was amazing and precious to me. The memory of 80 days in Brussels with a wonderful crew gives me still a smile on my face.

Decibel Outdoor Festival


The Flying Dutch

7th Sunday Festival

7th Sunday Festival is a allround music festival held annually on the seventh Sunday after Easter, where music keeps fantasy connected to reality! It’s only a matter of time before others feel the tremor and discover the powers of the magical number seven. Live is a symphony, played at a ritual that connects our minds on a whole different level.

From 2013 till 2018 I did the coordination of the artist handling for Par-T BV.